Christian Domke, born in 1982, studied organ, piano, conducting, music theory and organ improvisation (concert level) at Cologne University for Music and the performing arts (Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln). His principal professors have been Margareta Hürholz, Johannes Geffert and Reiner Schuhenn.

After finishing major studies and being awarded with the A-grade diploma, he was accredited to the organ master class of French organist and composer Prof. Thierry Mechler, who instructed him in both piano and organ improvisation. Furthermore, the focus was laid on French organ expressionism and modernism, especially the complete work of Maurice Duruflé. Christian graduated in this special program of study with a well-honoured concert.
Being his special interest ever since, he emblazes the art of improvising by connecting it with contemporary dance, paintings, and drum-kits and thereby opens new windows on improvised music.

Definitive improvement in artistic organ playing Christian acquired being assistant cathedral organist at Altenberg Abbey near Cologne.

In 2012, he was appointed director of music at St. Paul´s Church in Schwerin, the capitol of Mecklenburg.

Christian is, in addition, a composer for both sacred and secular music. Some of his works such as masses, songs and an oratory have been successfully performed.

To be kept up to date, Christian passed master classes with Vincent Warnier (Paris, F), Wolfgang Seifen (Berlin, G), Jos van der Kooy (Haarlem, NL). He worked, among others, with Paulo Álvares, Harmonic Brass and Zoltán Jeney.

In June 2011, his second recording called “Impression” with own organ works was released at Motette publishing company, Duesseldorf. It was made at the great organ of Altenberg Abbey.